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OrangeHRM is a global leader in Human Resources Management Systems that supports modular solutions from small startups to global enterprises. Intelzenter is the authorized reseller for OrangeHRM Systems in Thailand. Our consultants at Intelzenter offer installation and deployment guidance for OrangeHRM Systems in Thailand. Checkout OrangeHRM global partners on their Official Webpage.

OrangeHRM is an Open Source Human Resource Management (HRM) firm. OrangeHRM offers, free, stable and highly usable Open Source Human Resource Management Systems. OrangeHRM also offers Personal Information Management, Employee Self Service, Leave Management, Time and Attendance tracking, Health Savings Plans and Recruitment.

Web-based Human Resource Management System is the advanced version of the open source version of OrangeHRM. It is hosted on highly secured servers, deployed in minutes, global and scalable Human Resource Management System for modern HR Management needs. Faster Implementation, Significant savings on expensive servers, IT staff and expertise. OrangeHRM Thailand offers Open Source Human Resource Management System for clients with a very reasonable installation fee.

OrangeHRM is highly customozable. We can add, extend or change the existing features to suit the human resource management system needs of your company in a cost effective way

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Key benefits

  1. Pay per employee
  2. Advanced Features
  3. Web based (SaaS)
  4. Deployment within minutes
  5. Hosted on highly secured servers
  6. Backed up by professional support
  7. Accessible from anywhere in the world

Recruiting new employees, taking them on board and evaluating their performance are just some of the functions that a typical human resources department performs.

Each of these processes contains documents that need to be viewed and verified by several people. It is vital to design your business processes first to ensure that they are as simple, logical and consistent as possible. A business process diagram is a roadmap for implementation and provides a concrete starting point for automation. The diagram outlines the expected outcome of each process, the goals and objectives of the process, and the potential for improvement.

Before you take the step of recruiting new people to your organization, it is important to understand the talent you already have. This is the first step in assessing your current employees and one of the most important steps in the HR process. Read on to learn more about each step and the process details to understand the importance of this step and the potential for improving your business processes.

You can do this by asking your employees to evaluate themselves - through questionnaires, a look at past performance reviews, or an approach that combines the two. Plan your workflow so that your new employees have the same experience and plan for the future.

For example, you can take a step where the head of department leaves a handwritten note on the desk for each new employee the night before. Automating your HR process by onboarding employees with HR software is so easy that it makes your business seem even more personal. The HR team is stressed, books a training room, shares data, automatically sends notifications and shares data.

If HR management automates how it handles alerts, it can help staff understand which alarms are really important so that they can be extended to the relevant staff.

HR automation enables people to better manage their business so that they can easily identify and deal with deviations from business norms. Payroll management is a good example of how workers time could be used more efficiently. When HR management automates human resources, it frees up personnel so that they can perform their tasks more efficiently.

Today, many companies rely on enterprise content management software to help HR managers reduce the amount of time they spend on various tasks. HR automation helps in this process by completing critical administrative tasks that are otherwise time-consuming. Since HR workplaces are documentary activities, HR managers can rely more on the ability to make their employees more efficient in their tasks and save money.

In addition to automating repetitive tasks, HR management professionals can also collect, create, update and collect data and make different workflows available to different users depending on their position and task.

When HR processes are automated, information such as vacation days and benefits can be checked and managed with a quick search. When HR management begins with the introduction of HR automation, companies see improvements in profit and productivity almost immediately. HR employees become more motivated when they can achieve more through automation.

Personnel flow charts, for example, behave similarly to real life, but with much more control over the flow of information. This eliminates the need to collect files and send inquiries to the Human Resources Department.

In one of the more complex personnel processes, the integration of a new employee comprises no less than 5 sub-processes that run in parallel. This goes through several phases, including the recruitment process, recruitment, recruitment, training, posting and registration process. Employee integration and registration is about aligning the process from start to finish, letting tasks go through the other relevant departments, and ensuring that information circulates before the integration process is complete.

The term Human Resource Management (HRM) is a term for a process that essentially encompasses all processes related to the key resources of the organization and its employees. The scope of the human resources department in a company is extensive and includes all aspects of human resources management such as recruitment, training, recruitment, promotion, retention, remuneration and so on.

In today's modern world of work, it is not enough to do only tasks related to the people in the company, such as managing salaries, conducting interviews and so on.

HR becomes a closer partner with the rest of the company, managers can have an easy-to-fill form that asks questions that are most important to the company. When HR facilitates the automated process of performance review, it is easier to adapt it to business needs. Timetables and permit management take many hours when done manually and on paper.

However, a smooth and efficient HR process should always be the ultimate goal without compromise. By turning the entire system into an automated human resources process, it will be much faster for everyone.

A company-oriented, high-performance HR strategy can also exist without process management. Effective human resources process management is an excellent tool for introducing, managing and improving human resources procedures and policies.

HRMS Systems

Let us go back to basics to take a closer look at what a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is and what it does. If you understand what a HRM is, you are in a better position to assess the benefits of HR technology for your business.

Selecting and implementing the right HRMS for your business can make a huge difference to your future growth and success. If your organization needs to bring your Human Resources department up to date with the artHRMS system, you will be surprised by the variety of features that today's systems can offer. While it is possible to do HR functions manually, automated systems help raise productivity levels and can change the way companies are perceived in the modern market. Most of the basic features that most companies can expect from an HR MSMS exist, along with many additional features that can be modified.

If you are in the market for HR software, here are some popular HRMS software that you should evaluate for your needs. Each has all the features you would expect from HR management software, including a database, web interface, and a range of other features. Some of these features include a variety of different business functions, such as payroll, payroll, billing, scheduling, etc.

The following features of HRMS software can be expected and required by any organization wishing to introduce HR technology. There are two types of security features when it comes to HR systems, one for employees and the other for your company.

The first is to protect data from external threats such as hackers and identity thieves, and the second is to protect access to information from unauthorized users. In addition to the defense mechanisms that the system already has, HRMS systems rely on encryption and dynamic role-based security to protect employee data, where different levels of the organization have the ability to specifically restrict the access and information they need.

Many HR management systems have been expanded to include strategic HR functions such as talent management. However, not all HR management providers are expanding to the same breadth as larger HCM's, and this is a major concern for many HR managers and HRMS providers.

HRM focuses on human resources management to the exclusion of information processing. HRMS software applications collect data and enable the HR team to access this information anytime, anywhere. This means that the data is only a few clicks away and can be viewed, retrieved and retrieved at any time. HCM's often contain components that are not available in a traditional HR management system, such as data collection and analysis.

In today's tech boom, there are many providers offering software solutions for HR processes. Whether account management, business or sales, there is software for everything And you are probably using one of the most popular software. HR department, you are already busy and do not have time to browse endless pages of HRMS dealer information. OrangeHRM is one of the best HRM software in Thailand to help strategically manage the modern workforce.

OrangeHRM cloud-based HRM software that is extremely easy to use and suitable for all types of organisations, regardless of the size and nature of the company. OrangeHRM is the best HR software solution that helps to simplify HR processes in your company. HRMS software for more efficient and efficient management of modern workers through a simple and easy-to-use interface.

OrangeHRM provides customizable tools to help you automate the human resources management of employees in your organization, such as payroll, payroll and payroll. This is an easy-to-use HR software solution to manage your workforce and Human Resources (HR) processes more efficiently.

Personnel software that automatically records your employees "paychecks, benefits, health insurance, pensions, sick leave and other benefits. Employees also have the opportunity to turn the watch on and off, submit hours and track time with the palm of their hands.

OrangeHRM system helps you manage employees without investing too much time and effort. The software automates the process by controlling central personnel activities and other related tasks. Spine takes care of all business requirements, from managing employees "workflows to managing accounting details.